Mar 21 2014

Social Media Networks and Their Role in Search Engine Marketing

Posted by Jonas in Internet Marketing

Social media networks are not just added-value marketing strategies that develop your brand. They play a huge role in providing your subscribers with information regarding your products, services, contests and other advertising and marketing activities in the future. Search engine marketing also depends on social networks for entity verification.

Any person could create a website and an account of any company or business in the internet, but this is only possible in conventional social media networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. While they help in raising brand awareness, search engine metrics do not do well for the existing company and their website.

On Facebook, employees can register your official business page as their workplace, which helps with the verification process of the page itself. If more employees register themselves, the results will be better for the business page.

If these employees also register themselves in professional business social networks, namely LinkedIn and StartUpNation (for smaller companies), they will also increase their value in search engine metrics, enabling their association with your company push your company brand recognition forward.

Doing all these carefully, you may find yourself on top of search engine results pages in a few months. Improving your advertising and marketing campaigns, and ensuring consumers provide you positive feedback and high traffic, you can stay as long as you can in the first search engine results page.

Feb 28 2014

How To Construct an Infotainment Video About Your Products and Services

Posted by Jonas in Internet Marketing

A straightforward advertisement had done wonders for companies throughout the years. Sponsorships, name appearances during key scenes in a radio or television show, and product appearances in movies proved to return great revenue. However, today’s age of the internet, information and helpfulness means popularity, and a video is not only easily digestible, but it can be informative and entertaining at the same time.


A video imposes a figure and a voice that interacts with the audiences’ senses. The figure can be attractive, or creative. As the internet has a large population of educated individuals, they require helpfulness from your video.

One idea is to impose the true purpose of your product, then have it become a solution to many odd and farfetched problems. For example, a laptop computer with a fast processor doubles as a great workstation for office work, and can also be a friend of the user because it has an artificial intelligence that understands what they need. However, be sure to imply that the other farfetched problem is clearly a joke and parody of the situation, and not really an actual function of the device.

Humour, especially witty humour, sticks with your audience and makes the advertisement and marketing of the product effective because of such pleasurable recall for audiences.

A tasteful use of video capturing techniques, writing and editing will also play a great role. Remember, audiences are expecting great quality from your advertisements; don’t let them down.

Jan 20 2014

The Challenges of 2014 for Content Creators

Posted by Jonas in Internet Marketing

To make an advertisement suitable for viral marketing, high quality content is the key, especially in the internet. Anything that creates controversy, stimulates audience interest or any absurd yet useful idea, could turn viral. The new year promises more challenges for content producers, writers and creators.

1. Better Aesthetic Quality
The popularity of image-centric social networks and blogs, such as Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest, ensure that images and videos will continue to dominate consumer media. However, the challenge for content creators is to provide high resolution images without weighing on bandwidth. Aesthetics are important, and along with this is web design.

2. More Personal Content
Google now features authors in the content they place first in search engine results pages. Personal content is highly important and it is important they come from authorities on the subject. Developing authority for writers, either ghost or real blog personalities, is as crucial as developing the quality of content for your website.

3. Creative Advertisements
The internet community may have exhausted many creative ideas thought up by anybody with an internet access, and this poses a challenge for content producers to think up new plots, stories, symbolisms and anything else in their advertisements. The real challenge is meeting up the creative efforts with the deadline. However, anything convincingly powerful is sure to become viral.

Dec 26 2013

Internet Marketing: Blogging Tips to Attract More Readers

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The sole intention of blogging is to improve internet marketing for your blog and the businesses and affiliates you work with. Gaining more traffic to your website is not just through the proper usage of keyword quantities and website design and format. You’ll also need to make your webpage more attractive to a wider audience.

1. Break From the Norm
A blog usually has a main topic or a niche that it discusses in length in most of its contents. While these are well-researched and of high quality, sticking in the niche without relating it to other things beneath the sun could make the blog monotonous. Introducing how marketing is similar to philosophy and other seemingly-unrelated topics linking together in your posts could interest more readers to take a look at your blog.

2. Guest Writers
Having guest writers from famous blogs write in your blog and talk about your blog, their expertise and a certain topic that interests them based on your blog’s niche could boost traffic for your blog. It works for both you and the writer because it can increase traffic to your respective blogs.

3. Critique
Have another blogger critique your website on their blog and you could critique theirs as well. Readers may be interested with what you think about other blogs and how yours is better or worse than the other blog related to yours.

4. Giveaways
Business and company blogs will benefit greatly from providing giveaways to their readers for competitions online. Making the prices unique or greatly coveted can help in upping your web traffic and your internet market brand.

Dec 03 2013

Brand Development: How to Improve your Internet Brand Signals

Posted by Jonas in Search Engine Marketing

Brand signals are the colours, the shape or appearance of your logo, the typeface of your company logo name and other characteristics your brand has. These are for television, print and Internet media and videos you show. On the Internet’s technical side of things, you’ll need to do a bit more to ensure your brand signals are effectively implemented.

1. Social Media Profile
Establishing an official company profile in every social media profile existing is crucial to root your brand identity and Internet presence. If your employees have social media profiles in the same networks where your company social media profile exists, you could have them register themselves as part of your company, which could help the social media network administrators to verify the company’s legitimacy.

2. Offline Marketing
Your offline marketing projects, regardless whether in television or print ads, will help search engines bolster your Internet marketing brand signals. Media, such as TV commercials of your product or service advertisements, could be uploaded in some video hosting websites, which can automatically tag your Internet profiles effectively.

3. Affiliations
In basic SEO, affiliating with other companies related to your industry and having them advertise you and you advertise them helps search engines verify the legitimacy of your website. Be careful with the companies you affiliate with and ensure that their websites are free of any malicious software and other programs.

Nov 12 2013

Freelance Tips: How to Look for a Good Client

Posted by Jonas in Internet Marketing

You have got the knowledge and skills needed to make it big in the freelance world, but sometimes, your clients could just drop you off without warning. To avoid such problems and to ensure you get paid your dues, here are a few things you need to remember.

1. Company Name
In Internet marketing, the bigger the company name, the more reliable they can be in terms of providing the right kinds of products and services for their clients. A big company name could also mean you get paid earlier or later, but their name ensures you get paid your dues. A small company name has its risks of you not getting paid for your services, which can become troublesome.

2. Marketing Strategies
A good client will have employed good marketing strategies. With your own experience in Internet marketing, you could criticise their current campaigns. See for yourself if it makes sense for you, if it would work in the next three months and the returns it would give the clients. Also look at how your skills could improve such a campaign.

3. Up to Speed
A good internet marketing campaign utilizes social media for possible viral marketing, good high quality content for better audience reception, avoiding all possible black hat SEO techniques and ensuring a high network of traffic from their target audience.

Oct 25 2013

Financial Conduct Authority Estimates 17% Reduction in Total PPI Complaints

Posted by admin in Finance

This month, the Financial Conduct Authority reports that from 32,000 complaints, the total had been reduced to 25,000, 17% off the original number. Observers and claims advisers praise the work of banks and financial companies, but said that there is still much to be done to finally resolve the PPI scandal.

According to claims advisers, banks and financial companies still need to focus on providing the satisfactory response to consumer claims. Claims management companies such as became renowned to many claimants because of their attention to detail regarding the insurance exclusions and the consumer circumstances upon purchasing the insurance among other things. Advisers said that if finance companies made every solution satisfactory they will be saving £900 per complaint from the Financial Ombudsman.

However, the Financial Ombudsman reports otherwise regarding PPI. According to Chief Ombudsman Natalie Ceeney they had received 266,278 PPI complaints in the first half of 2013 with 80% of the complaints in favour of customers. Ceeney said that banks are not giving their full dedication in finally resolving the crisis. She said that the additional PPI fees for recruiting additional FOS manpower will take its toll on finance companies if they do not shape up.

PPI is a product that bank staff most likely mis sold to you because the more work volume they have, the higher their commission. You could click here to know their methods of mis selling and if you are mis sold PPI.

Oct 08 2013

Improving Business Brands More Imperative Than SEO

Internet marketing is see as something all-too-convenient a technique by many business proprietors, but Internet marketers understand that search engine optimization is a core of Internet marketing that only helps fix problems and not make miracles. Search engine optimization, allowed by big search engines such as Google and Bing, help advanced algorithms determine high quality content useful for people from different websites.


High quality content is not something you write for the search engine bots, who retrace links in your article and links to your article to indicate how helpful to people your content really is. You actually might have Google penalize you for such over-optimizing tactics.

If many people, blogs, pages and social media accounts link back heavily to your website in a natural way (which means you did not use any form of link-generating article or content submission websites), search engines recognize your brand and improve it by suggesting it to larger audiences.

The imperative of Google and other search engines is to ensure that their users get high quality results and to ensure high quality, improving your business brand, by means of producing high quality and useful content, can spread viral through social media networks and blogs easily.

Focus on improving your brand. Make your products and services price-worthy and garner huge attention from your customers. This can help you gain good Internet marketing leverage, as well as marketing grounds in other media.

Sep 03 2013

Understanding SEO With a Better Analogy

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Some business proprietors and first-time marketers often associate search engine optimization with programming. No, it is not programming. SEO is simply technical knowledge that allows many marketers to realize the potential of their content. However, SEO is not the saviour of an Internet marketing campaign; it just improves it.

It is indeed true that SEO practices could allow experts to manipulate some search engines and other websites to gain an advantage. This is mostly considered as black hat SEO and if found, search engines could penalize websites who use such techniques.

SEO must not undermine content quality. A good analogy for the proper use of SEO would be a producer knowing which actors would do well in their commercial. An SEO-oriented Internet advertisement is similar to bad actors playing a badly-written script. Viewers will remember the commercial and the product and company they associate to, but clearly, the integrity and brand of the product and company will suffer.

SEO techniques could be viewed as a coach telling the players how to play properly. In this way, a well-written content could get better search engine attention if certain aspects were improved, such as putting in the right amount of keywords on the webpage or tagging it properly so that search engine spiders know where to put it.

Companies could earn highly because of SEO-only endeavours, but they should not expect to build a brand with such a focus in practice. Brands are formed through time and customer trust.

Aug 18 2013

Tips on Improving Alt Text In Your Images

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Managing the appearance of your website and ensuring that all your website images show properly is good SEO practice. But as search engine spiders could only crawl through to text, it is important to know the proper use of alternate texts. Here are a few things you should remember.

1. Repeat in the Image
An image that has text in it should repeat the text on the picture as its alternative text. Avoid categorizing them such as for a logo, you write “company logo” instead of what the logo says. Images might have text, but spiders cannot crawl through the image’s text.

2. The Shorter the Better
Keep in mind that the longer your alternative text is, the less likely spiders could read it. Just write a 5-15 length of alternative text for your image.

3. Keywords
If you know your business keywords, you could include them as an alternative text to an image given that the text is related to the rest of the content. Search engines could detect keyword spamming and your website might be penalized, so make it a point only to include one keyword for your article.

4. Meaningful
Remember that your alternative text is a guide for your visitors should the image not load properly. Visitors could be put off with unrelated text under images and search engine spiders might incorrectly index your website or webpage content.